The business environment in Brazil is extremely complex as it involves corporate, tax and labor aspects, not to mention the economic variables that directly affect business operations. Despite the challenging scenario, Brazil is still an attractive market. Merger and acquisition (M&A) operations, for example, remain with stable volume and even showed growth in recent statistics. This is because the Brazilian market has a significant volume and geographic prominence that attracts investors (domestic and foreign).

Nevertheless, recent legal reforms such as the Labor Reform, the “MP for Economic Freedom” converted into law 13.874/2019, and even the bill for Tax Reform in Brazil aimed at simplifying and modernizing the Brazilian tax system, are indications that Brazil is moving positively in building its future and paying attention to the business environment, making the country increasingly attractive to investors.

Regardless of the form – sale, acquisition, merger, Joint Venture, incorporation, spin-off, restructuring, etc. – careful evaluation is necessary before choosing the best corporate form. We help your company to choose the most efficient corporate and contractual forms according to your business model.

Our goal is to give your company security so that the path to be traced is technically supported, boosting growth and consequently the company’s earnings.

R$34.8 billion volume of M&A in November 2020.

The production of Micro Enterprises (ME) and Small Enterprises is around R$ 600 billion, according to SEBRAE data.

Our practices in Corporate Law cover all forms of companies, especially limited and private companies that wish to structure themselves to grow and advance in their next stages. The office also provides services such as:

• Risk assessment of the chosen corporate forms;
• Structuring companies
• Business restructuring;
• Legal Advice and Consultancy;
• Adequacy of the Bylaws and Contracts in view of the new legislative changes and the pandemic scenario
• M&A
• Preparation for the sale of the company;
• Consultancy on due diligence in pre-acquisition and pre-sales;
• Business planning and structuring;
• Exchange;
• Formation of groups and associations;
• Corporate and business model reorganization;
• Merger, Spin-off and Incorporation;
• Defending shareholders’ rights.

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