Asset Planning is a multidisciplinary legal mechanism that aims to preserve and protect the assets and resources of People (Physical and/or Legal). The benefits verified with Heritage Planning are numerous, but the starting point is to identify the business purpose and the economic substrate for the client, thus ensuring the correct and efficient Planning.

According to data from SEBRAE and IBGE, 90% of companies in Brazil are born as family businesses.

Family businesses have peculiar characteristics, and, in our opinion, they should not be measured only by the calendar year, but by generations. Family businesses carry cultural values ​​as an important pillar, but their great challenge is to raise awareness of the importance of planning and carrying out Planning actions. One of the great challenges of family businesses is to deal with the succession moment and ensure the company’s sustainable longevity after the “passing the baton”.

FFI’s global statistics show that 70% of family businesses do not survive the “passing the baton” and 90% do not make it to the third generation.

All data converge in the sense that Planning is vital to the survival of companies. But succession in business management is not always debated with the due seriousness, especially in first-generation family businesses that, because they have not experienced this issue, have difficulty in addressing it.

This difficulty with the theme – Succession – is also very common among individuals who, through the effort of their work, acquire and build assets throughout their lives, but in the end are held hostage to inventories to transmit their assets to their heirs. With proper Succession Planning, these issues can be equalized, bringing peace of mind and security to the whole family.

In this sense, regardless of whether your objective is Heritage Planning, Family Planning, Succession Planning, or even a compilation of these species, it is recommended to start Planning as early as possible, being certain that the transition of the stages is gradual. and fluid prevents damage and reduces risks.

Martins Regina Law Firm is qualified to provide consultancy and legal advice to those who wish to plan and have the peace of mind of preserving their heritage for generations.

Our main services in this area include:

• Asset analysis of the company or individual customer;
• Preparation of Planning, whether Patrimonial, Family and/or Succession;
• Legal advice for companies and in Planning;
• Business/corporate restructuring;
• Assessment of tax, corporate and labor risks, when applicable;
• Legal advice on legislative changes with relevant information to customers;
• Establishment of a family business.

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